Best Things To Do In Pasadena

Historic Old Pasadena

 The Historic district of Pasadena that reflect the city's past have been preserved in an engaging and interesting fashion for today's visitors.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The expertise of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has expanded to encompass astronomy and robotics. The trips need bookings in advance, the local guides provide interesting and entertaining information.

Eaton Canyon Nature Center

The Eaton Canyon Nature Center near Pasadena, California, is a well-known tourist attraction in the whole state of California because of its outstanding natural beauty.

Levitt Pavilion

Summertime is when the Levitt Pavilon city's free sites of attraction are turned into a tiny Hollywood Bowl filled with fascinating acts and activities!

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Tournament House and Wrigley Gardens

It's one of the best locations to go for beauty and aesthetics, as well as educational materials and exhibitions relating to the area's most popular attractions.

Pasadena City Hall

More than 235 passageways and rooms are housed inside the 26-foot-tall and 54-foot-wide edifice. Many people stop to capture the moment on camera because it is so mesmerising.

The Pasadena Symphony and POPS

People who love music will certainly find this to be one of the most entertaining things to do in this city, which is located in the state of California.

Norton Simon Museum

One of the city's most popular attractions is the Norton Simon Museum, which is located on West Colorado Boulevard.

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