9 Best Things To Do In Leavenworth (Washington)

Folk dancers. 

Inns that are blanketed with snow might be seen on quiet streets.

In the distance, there are some enormous and gorgeous mountains.

The city of Leavenworth in Washington is seen here in just a brief glimpse.

Although it is most known for the quaint and picturesque Bavarian hamlet that it contains, it is also a prominent tourist site that is set in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and offers plenty of opportunities to explore nature.

You have the option of going climbing, skiing, camping, horseback riding, climbing, and even sleigh riding.

Leavenworth is a popular location for festivals, and it also organizes a variety of other events throughout the year. Because of this, there is almost always a reason to have fireworks in the town center.

You could easily fill your whole calendar with its festivals, starting with Maifest and ending with Oktoberfest.

There is also the allure of the town itself to take into consideration.

Even though it has the appearance of an old-fashioned German hamlet, there is plenty of modernism to be found in the hip basement wineries and gourmet cheese stores that are located there.

It does a really excellent job of balancing the modern with the old.

In the end, though, this town with a Bavarian character is a destination throughout the whole year.

Let’s have a conversation about the fun activities there are to do in Leavenworth!

Things To Do In Leavenworth

Downtown Leavenworth

Downtown Leavenworth

City Leavenworth is unlike any other downtown that you have been to because of the special cultural allure that it has.

Forget the sparkling spires of contemporary skyscrapers: Leavenworth has modest architecture in the alpine style that is surrounded by foggy mountains, making it a mix between a ski hamlet and a medieval German town.

The buildings all have wooden shutters, large balconies, and thatched roofs on the upper levels.

Pubs, confectionery stores, and even more traditional inns are just some of the mom-and-pop establishments that may be found clustered in the town center.

Front Street is a pedestrian-friendly boulevard where people can be seen milling about at all hours of the day; you may dine, drink, buy, and explore from the time the sun rises to the time it sets. All foot traffic is channeled along Front Street.

When you’re in Germany, you shouldn’t leave without trying some local specialties like bratwurst and beer, for example.

When you first hear about the Bavarian-style hamlet in Washington State, Leavenworth’s downtown area is just what you would anticipate it to be like.

Start bringing your ideas into reality by coming here in the beginning.

Greater Leavenworth Museum

Visit the Greater Leavenworth Museum if you don’t want to miss any of Leavenworth’s numerous attractions, which is a good idea in any case since there are a lot of them.

In addition to bringing to your notice notable locations in the surrounding area, the museum also provides free-of-charge walking tours of the neighborhood around the museum.

You may compose your list of things to do as you go along.

The museum’s primary mission is to perpetuate Leavenworth’s history as well as to educate visitors about the city’s contribution to the growth of Washington state’s economy.

You can probably guess that there is a significant focus on Bavarian culture as well as the German immigrants who brought it to this country and transformed it into the town’s primary economic driver.

After you have finished exploring the galleries and exhibitions, you may go on one of the guided walking excursions.

The Railroad and Mill Tour is the first option, and it will take you down the Wenatchee River while demonstrating how early settlers exploited the power of water for steam-engine trains.

The Town Walking Tour is another option, and it will lead you through downtown Leavenworth while highlighting the many stores, restaurants, movie theatres, and government buildings that are located there.

Because there are so many attractions and activities to do in Leavenworth, it is helpful to have experienced locals point you in the right direction.

To get the most out of your stay in town, we highly recommend that you check out the Greater Leavenworth Museum.

Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

Leavenworth, Washington

To really appreciate the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, one must be there in person.

It is the biggest museum of its type, and it pays tribute to an infinite number of different kinds of nutcrackers from all over the globe by being lined, piled, and packed with more than 6,000 nutcrackers.

It’s likely that you’re already aware of the classic wooden dolls that are used in ballets such as “The Nutcracker.”

In point of fact, due to the fact that the museum was founded by a person who had a career as a ballet dancer, these monarchs, knights, and warriors are the collections that are the most colorfully conspicuous inside the structure.

However, there are a great number of others, which range from Victorian silver to Asian bezel to European ivory and porcelain in appearance.

The majority of them are rough, formless tools that were produced in blacksmith shops, but some are intricately carved figures.

You are able to go around the galleries and see nutcrackers that range in size, form, and age back literally hundreds of years.

The Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum is one of the things in the city that stands out as being particularly one of a kind.

Visit a building in Leavenworth that is stuffed with nutcrackers if you want to come up with an interesting tale to tell your friends and family when you go back home.

Waterfront Park

Russia - Vladivostok

Waterfront Park is one of the best places to see Washington’s famously verdant landscape, which can be seen throughout the park.

It stretches along the river and has pathways that meander in and out of shady forests, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the finest of Leavenworth’s land, water, and sky.

Although hiking is the primary activity here, visitors may also participate in a variety of other outdoor pursuits if they so want.

On a warm day, you could cool yourself at a beach inlet, and on a cooler day, you could go bird watching in the thickets.

Tubing, Fishing, and picnicking are a few more activities that are quite well-liked.

Another wonderful aspect of Waterfront Park is the fact that it can be visited at any time of the year.

You may discover beauty in any season, from the brilliant golden leaves that decorate the trees in the autumn to the cracking, freezing currents that run through the winter.

There are other enjoyable events that take place at certain times of the year, such as the salmon migration in the late summer.

When everything is considered, a visit to Waterfront Park is among the most enjoyable things to do in Leavenworth.

At any time of year, visitors to the Pacific Northwest can look forward to taking in some of the region’s signature crisp, clean air.

Smallwood’s Harvest

Smallwood’s Harvest is just twenty minutes distant from Leavenworth, despite the fact that its physical location is in Peshastin, Washington.

Even more significantly, it is an excursion that is well worth doing for the day!

Smallwood’s Harvest is somewhat of a hybrid between a general shop and a little amusement park; it caters to customers of all ages and provides them with a wide range of games, treats, and entertainment options.

The shop is the primary attraction here, and it sells a wide variety of goods, from freshly popped kettle corn to preserved fruits and vegetables that have been preserved in cans and can last for decades in a bunker.

In addition, the store’s front yard is a complete free-for-all.

There is a duck pond and a petting zoo; there is a kids’ train with a cow theme; there is a spot to seek for gold and there is a place to get lost in a labyrinth.

After you’ve finished browsing the store, you can go on over to Prey’s Fruit Barn, which is an equally active destination and also holds the title of being Washington’s biggest fruit stand.

If you are looking for things to do in Leavenworth, the answer is simple: do everything.

Everyone who goes there will have a good time, even if things get a little out of hand, and they will definitely never forget it.

Leavenworth ZipLines

A trip around a mountain’s circumference may be enjoyed by everybody.

How many individuals can boast that they have flown over the treetops and surveyed whole canyons and valleys from a height of 190 feet?

At Leavenworth ZipLines, you may expect to enjoy an experience similar to this one.

With nine distinct lines to pick from, you may choose your own unique experience and be ready to fly into the air.

You’ll have lots of chances to have fun that will make you feel out of breath and exhilarated, thanks to features like suspension bridges and platforms with two levels.

Shopping and touring are two more activities that may be enjoyed in the neighborhood.

You can even have a bite to eat at the neighboring Old Mill Cafe, which serves country food in the manner of Texas and will make you feel as if you’re not in Washington, but rather somewhere in the south!

Leavenworth ZipLines is an attraction that should be on your to-do list while you are in town. Not only does it provide delicious cuisine and entertaining activities, but it also has rides that are exhilaratingly dangerous.

Leavenworth Ski Hill

The Leavenworth Ski Hill is well recognized as one of the most significant tourist attractions in the area.

Because it has been in operation since the early 1900s, it is the location of a lot of childhood memories for the residents of Leavenworth, and everyone will suggest it to you if you are searching for something to do during the winters in Leavenworth.

In the beginning, it was only a basic hill where children would congregate with their sleds.

As a result of decades of growth, the “Leavenworth Ski Hill Historic District” now contains not just slopes and paths but also lodges where visitors may spend the night.

On the hill, you may have a lot of fun doing a variety of different things.

The word “skiing” is included in the name of this sport, although it also includes activities such as snowshoeing snowboarding, , snow tubing, and fat biking.

Mountain biking and completing obstacle courses in the alpine environment are just two of the fun things you can do if you go during the sunny summer months.

With Washington, to experience slopes covered in fresh snow, you don’t have to go to ritzy ski resorts.

Simply pay a visit to the Leavenworth Ski Hill, which has been entertaining people for decades.

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Lake Wenatche State Park

Imagine a large body of water with a brilliant blue color that is encircled by imposing mountains that are covered in snow.

This is how things seem when you visit Lake Wenatchee State Park.

This park is a prized possession of the Pacific Northwest because of its diverse topography, which includes hills, lakes, cliffs, canyons, and lagoons.

Its amazing number of enjoyable things to do on a day trip is the only thing that could possibly beat its breathtaking surroundings.

You may experience the great outdoors in ways that you have never even thought of before, such as sailboarding, dog sledding, or clam harvesting. These are just some of the possibilities.

Because of its one-of-a-kind geography, this area is an especially well-liked location among windsurfers.

Lake Wenatchee State Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Leavenworth due to its natural beauty that it has.

There is a good explanation for why it receives tens of thousands of guests each year.

Take a look at it!

Front Street Park

Streetscape: Île de la Cité

Front Street Park, which can be found in the middle of the downtown area, is an excellent place for couples, families, and lone visitors to go for leisure since it exudes old-world German allure and offers the ideal backdrop for the perfect selfie.

The park’s focal point is a gazebo, which serves often as a meeting place for a variety of community activities, such as musical performances, folk shows, and the lighting of the Christmas tree.

A Mai Baum, also known as a maypole, is a symbol of the Bavarian heritage of the community and is often used during celebrations such as fairs and festivals.

A relatively new addition to the neighborhood, “Art in the Park” is an exhibition that highlights the work of sculptors and artists from the surrounding area.

In addition, the natural environment is breathtaking.

Picnicking and looking at the stars are perfect activities for the lawns that are bordered by trees.

In the winter months, many people go to its slopes to go sledding.

Visiting Front Street Park is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities that can be done in Leavenworth.

In addition to this, it has a very handy location in the central business district, which means that you can easily transition from the bustling commercial delights of eating and shopping to the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the park!

Commence making preparations for your journey to Leavenworth.

These are just a few of the most enjoyable and thrilling activities that visitors to Leavenworth, Washington’s very own Bavarian town, may do during their stay there.

This is the place to go whether you want to visit for the wide-open, breathtaking landscape of the surrounding mountains or for the charming cultural treats the area is known for.

Happy travels.