What is so special about Malibu?

When one thinks about Malibu, images of famous people living in stunning beachside mansions with expensive sports cars parked in the driveway come to mind. But it turns out that this little town also provides a variety of activities, most of which take place outside, and are open to anybody who wants to participate. Malibu is a wonderful destination to spend a day even if you aren’t wealthy or famous since it has canyon trails that go for miles, large lengths of sandy coastline, and lots of chances for eating out.

Here are eight compelling arguments in favor of paying Malibu a visit.

List of special things about Malibu

  • You Can Enjoy On Their Beautiful Beach
  • You May Choose to Become Skilled in Surfing or Paddleboarding.
  • The Canyons Are an Amazing Place to Go Hiking.
  • The Getty Villa is a one-of-a-kind art museum that is also free to the public.
  • The Malibu Pier Offers A Great Deal Of Fun
  • It Is Possible To Go On A Wine Safari
  • You Will Delight in the Delectable Seafood
  • It has a Long and Prominent History.

You Can Enjoy On Their Beautiful Beach

Beautiful Beach

There are 27 miles of coastline that you can explore in Malibu, so whether you want to sunbathe on the sand or take a dip in the sea, you will surely have a good time spending time here.

Head over to Carbon Beach, sometimes referred to as Billionaire’s Beach, in the event that you are interested in catching a peek of some of those beautiful beach residences. You may park your vehicle anywhere along the Pacific Coast Highway or in the area around the Malibu Pier.

It is highly recommended that viewers of Baywatch or The O.C. pay a visit to Paradise Cove Beach. This little beach has served as the setting for the filming of a number of movies and television series. If you want to unwind in complete ease, this is the best spot to go since it has both a restaurant and beach rentals right on the premises. Make a reservation for a lounge chair, then order a beverage and enjoy the view of the ocean. There is paid parking available at this location.

Topanga Beach is a great destination for surfers and anybody who loves watching others ride the waves. There is more than a mile of oceanfront here, so there is plenty of space for you to stretch out and relax. This is an excellent location for scuba diving and windsurfing in addition to being fantastic for surfing. The lot close by provides parking for a fee to customers.

Zuma Beach is the most well-known length of sand in Malibu, and it is a favorite gathering place for Angelenos when the weather is nice. This beach is great for wading in the sea, swimming, and bodysurfing due to the shallow water and the gentle slope of the sand. On-street parking is mostly uncharged, however, there are paid lots and garages accessible as well.

You May Choose to Become Skilled in Surfing or Paddleboarding.


Malibu is an absolutely stunning place to learn how to surf, and you won’t find a more conducive environment anywhere else in the world. And thankfully, there are a large number of seasoned businesses that are willing to provide a hand.

Both Malibu Surf Coach and Malibu Surf Shack provide surf instruction to students of all ages and levels of surfing experience. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to surf at one of the most renowned locations in the world?

Stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking are two activities that you may participate in besides surfing if you want to spend time on the water but don’t want to ride waves. Both of these types of activities are available for hire or tour via Malibu Surf Shack.

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The Canyons Are an Amazing Place to Go Hiking.


Malibu is located inside the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which has a total area of 156,000 acres and is ideal for mountaineering. In point of fact, these hills are home to several of the most well-known hiking trails in all of Los Angeles County.

In addition to having 15 miles of trails that run along the water’s edge, visitors to Malibu Creek State Park get the option to see the set of the television program MAS*H. There are other historic sites in the park that date back to the 19th century, the most notable of which being the Sepulveda Adobe. It is hard to think that downtown Los Angeles can be reached in under half an hour!

The Ocean View Trail in Zuma Canyon is the place to go if you’re looking for a trek that offers a view of the ocean. This walk has an elevation rise of 750 feet, making it a challenging hike; nevertheless, the rewarding vistas of Zuma Beach make the effort worthwhile.

The Escondido Falls Trail is the way to go if seeing a waterfall is high on your list of priorities. The highest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains may be reached at the end of a journey that is 3.7 miles round-trip and takes hikers past two other waterfalls along the way.

As an insider tip, if you decide that traversing the canyons of Malibu on foot isn’t for you, you may want to think about doing it on horseback instead. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Santa Monica Mountains and the ocean on a horseback ride in Zuma Canyon with Malibu Riders or Connemara Ranch. Zuma Canyon is located in Malibu. If you plan your ride during the spring, you will have a better chance of seeing the wildflowers in full bloom.

The Getty Villa is a one-of-a-kind art museum that is also free to the public.

The visit to Malibu is well worth it only to see the Getty Villa. The edifice, which was constructed by J. Paul Getty, is a copy of the Villa Dei Papiri, which was found in Italy in the 1750s after having been lost for over 200 years. The period from the end of the Stone Age to the end of the Roman Empire is covered in this article’s emphasis on ancient art. Even better? This free museum is of international renown.

Four distinct gardens may be found in the vicinity of the Getty Villa: the Outer Peristyle, the Inner Peristyle, the Herb Garden, and the East Garden. Be sure to set aside some time to meander around these beautiful gardens, which are home to more than 300 different kinds of plants and flowers.

Your experience will be greatly enhanced by participating in one of the free docent-led tours of the grounds, the Getty Villa, or the unique exhibits that are offered.

The Malibu Pier Offers A Great Deal Of Fun

You will need to take a stroll down the Malibu Pier in order to obtain the very greatest perspective of the city of Malibu. Admire the vastness of the Pacific Ocean or the towering Santa Monica Mountains from this vantage point. This pier was constructed in 1905 and has had several uses since then, including as a center for shipping and as a lookout station for the United States Coast Guard. Today, it is a popular site for both residents and tourists. You may browse the selection at a few of the local boutiques, and if you work up an appetite, you can refuel at one of the eateries.

It Is Possible To Go On A Wine Safari

Zebra at Saddle Rock Ranch & Malibu Wine Safari - Malibu, California

At Malibu Wine Safaris, visitors may sample wines while also seeing an exotic animal collection that includes giraffes, zebras, bison, and alpacas, amongst other creatures. The majority of the animals were retired from their roles in movies and moved to this farm, which spans 1,000 acres. The end result is a location that is absolutely unparalleled anyplace else in the world when it comes to hosting wine tastings.

You have your choice between eight distinct trips, some of which include a pizza and wine tasting, a mimosa breakfast, and a falconry experience. You may also schedule a wine tasting and walk if you like something with a little more activity. There is a huge selection of wines available for tasting, and each one comes from a different local vineyard. The tours typically run between one and two hours and need to be arranged in advance.

You Will Delight in the Delectable Seafood

Seafood @ Wangfujing

Enjoying delicious, locally caught seafood while taking in breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean is easy to do in Malibu. There are some of these activities that come at a hefty price, but there are other possibilities that are more reasonable.

Malibu Seafood is widely regarded as one of the most popular dining establishments in the city. Even though there is a shortage of parking and the lines may be rather lengthy, the wait will be well worth it when you take your first mouthful of a scallop sandwich, fish and chips, or shrimp cocktail. While you wait for your dinner, you may take a seat at one of the picnic benches and enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean.

Over the course of more than 60 years, Neptune’s Net has served as a mainstay for travelers along the Pacific Coast Highway. This location has also been seen in a number of movies, including “The Fast and the Furious,” so even those who have never been there before could be familiar with it. The seafood sampler or fish and chips are two dishes that are highly recommended by the locals. It is recommended that you be here as early as possible since the lunch hour may get rather chaotic.

Although it does not have the same level of notoriety as the other two restaurants on our list, Reel Inn is nevertheless an excellent destination to go for delicious and reasonably priced seafood. The extensive variety of fish and seafood available here, which includes lobster, calamari, mahi-mahi, sea bass, and many more options, is one of the most remarkable aspects of this establishment. Additionally, there is seating available both inside and outside, making this a fantastic choice regardless of the temperature or precipitation.

It has a Long and Prominent History.

Long before Malibu became the center of the celebrity world, it was the home of the Chumash people as well as Spanish colonists. Both the Adamson House and the Malibu Lagoon Museum are excellent places to get an education on the history of the neighborhood.

The museum is home to an assortment of unique items and images that document the history of the community. The Adamson House, which was constructed in 1929 and is now included on the National Register of Historic Places, is known for its extensive use of ceramic tiles sourced from Malibu Potteries. The home is surrounded by stunning grounds that have been kept in the same way as they were when they were first created in the 1930s.

The entry charge grants access to the museum, the home, and the grounds, and guided tours are offered from Wednesday through Saturday.