Best Places to Visit in September in the USA

September is a great month to take a vacation since the autumn colors are starting to appear and the inconveniences of summer travel are waning. Most visitors will have departed popular places by this time, causing airfares and hotel costs to drop, opening the door for great deals all over again. U.S. News analyzed these and other characteristics, as well as the opinions of experts and travelers, to come up with the top September vacation destinations.

Even if you’re an urbanite, a hiker, or just someone who likes to get away from it all every now and then, we’ve got the perfect vacation spot just for you. Which one is your favorite? In order to influence next year’s list, cast your vote below. The coronavirus epidemic may have an impact on some of the following places. When planning a trip, check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of State for information.

Big Sur

Pleiffer Big Sur SP

In other words, Big Sur is more than simply a place to go. Big Sur, a stretch of the central California coast between Monterey Bay and San Simeon that stretches for 90 miles, beckons travelers to slow down and take it all in. One of the best ways to see Big Sur is to take the Pacific Coast Highway, which was completed less than a century ago. The roadway clings to the top of the area’s cliffs, affording amazing vistas as it winds in and out of the apparently unending shoreline from high above the sea.

Regardless of the road conditions, Big Sur’s serene atmosphere is a magnet for anyone in search of inspiration, solace, or change. In his book, “Big Sur,” Jack Kerouac recounts how he traveled to Big Sur in pursuit of inner calm. When Henry Miller first arrived in the United States, he dubbed Big Sur “Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch,” which eventually became the title of a book he wrote. It has since been documented by a slew of artists, authors, and photographers, yet the magnificence of Big Sur remains a mystery to many visitors.

No matter how many people come to see it these days, Big Sur has its own character. Art galleries, healing resorts, and cliffside restaurants may be found along the roadway. State parks and beaches, however, outrank all other local attractions by a wide margin, making them the area’s principal draw. At every turn, you’ll find a variety of natural wonders, from mountains to beaches to rivers to streams to coves.

That is, assuming you’re able to track down some. In order to maintain the area’s famed feeling of remoteness, several of Big Sur’s natural wonders are left unmarked. Believe it or not, there are still parts of the world that do not have electricity. Big Sur, on the other hand, is supposed to be an adventure rather than a conventional holiday. Take a break, relax, and take in everything that Big Sur has to offer.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Using the word “grand” to describe this canyon would be an understatement. This enormous canyon in northern Arizona, measuring 277 river miles in length, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep, is certainly a natural marvel. Visitors from all over the world have flocked to see the Grand Canyon’s crimson and orange splendor for millennia because of the Colorado River’s 6 million-year expansion. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and managed by the National Park Service, the Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring to its nearly 6 million visitors each year.

For those looking for a more private getaway in the great outdoors, here are some things to keep in mind: Crowded conditions are common in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Village and the well-trodden Bright Angel Trail, located on the South Rim, are two of the most popular attractions for visitors and hikers. On this side, you’ll locate the majority of the conveniences. The North Rim is a great place to get away from the throng. This is the ideal location for a backcountry camping trip or a grueling trekking expedition. Heli-tours are a great way to obtain an incredible perspective of the canyon.

Honolulu – Oahu

Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

In comparison to the other Hawaiian islands, Oahu offers a unique combination of modern luxuries and stunning natural landscapes. Honolulu, the island’s capital, is a good place to see the island’s metropolitan charm. The majestic Iolani Palace and the somber USS Arizona Memorial at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial are just a few of the many historical and cultural attractions that can be found nearby. High-rises and resorts adorn the Waikiki skyline, which contrasts sharply with the area’s miles of sugar-white sand beaches.

The North Shore of Hawaii is a great place to experience rural Hawaii. The lake is a bright blue, and the trails are long and winding. Oahu has a lot more to offer than just these three must-see locations. The island’s world-class dining establishments, exciting cultural activities, and exhilarating nightlife all contribute to the island’s reputation as a “Gathering Place” for the Hawaiian people.

Greenville, SC

2009 Greenville SC

It’s little surprise that Greenville, South Carolina’s tourist motto is “yes, that Greenville,” with over 30 places in the United States bearing the name Greenville. Greenville, the state’s third-largest metro area and one of the South’s fastest-growing cities, was founded in 1786 and is the oldest group. The tiny central core is home to a wide variety of people, sights, and activities, appealing to everyone from families and foodies to bikers and cultural vultures.



When it comes to North American cities, Vancouver is still a relatively new development (it was incorporated in 1886). However, the culture makes up for the absence of history. Historic buildings, shops, and museums glimpse Vancouver’s Indigenous culture, including First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people. The fashionable stores and health-conscious eating habits of the city make it a desirable urban playground for tourists. It’s also worth noting that Vancouver has been used as the background for several famous television episodes and big movie films (including “Riverdale,” “The X-Files,” and “Deadpool”), so don’t be shocked if you recognize locations from your favorite moments.

But there’s more to this mitten-shaped community on Canada’s west coast than just pop culture fanatics that flock there. Your adventurous side will be tempted by hiking, bicycling, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and skiing. Are you in need of some downtime? Do some beach or park hopping along the city’s eleven-mile coastline. The Capilano Suspension Bridge and Granville Island, both family-friendly sites, are great places to visit when the weather is chilly. There are numerous reasons to recommend Vancouver to intrepid tourists, and they include its world-class shopping, cuisine, and nightlife.



In recent years, Prague has become one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Despite this, the city’s charming center hides a troubled background. Since its founding in AD 870, Prague has endured countless invasions, overthrows, fires, and floods. The city’s reputation for overcoming adversity is what makes Prague so appealing. Historiated cathedrals and statue-lined bridges surround the city’s winding lanes and steep hillsides, creating an urban fairy tale. This city’s allure would captivate even the most jaded of travelers.

Prague was previously a jewel that was overlooked in favor of its more glitzy western neighbors. But the city’s wonders couldn’t be kept a secret for long, and it’s now a sanctuary for budget-conscious tourists looking for unforgettable encounters. A number of notable landmarks in Prague, such as the famed Charles Bridge or the ancient Prague Castle, remain free to visit, and the cost of lodging is far lower than in other European cities. However, this tradition of finding a good deal is about to expire, so act quickly if you’re looking to get a great deal.



You would think of Santiago as a city of skyscrapers, vineyards, and soaring mountains – and you’d be right about all of that. Santiago’s Maipo Valley location, framed by the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, makes it a popular destination for tourists. Santiago hasn’t always been so enticing: the city has survived invasions, dictatorships, and earthquakes throughout its almost 500-year history.

With economic growth in recent decades helping to transform Santiago’s image, it now ranks with other major South American cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aries. Santiago’s art-centric barrios continue to take on a Latin American and European flavor as the city grows (neighborhoods). As you stroll around Santiago’s historic neighborhoods, you’ll see centuries-old houses and huge churches alongside cutting-edge boutiques and stylish galleries.

Explore the city’s vibrant neighborhoods by shopping in Bellavista, taking in the views from Santa Lucan Hill, or dining at one of the city’s many thriving restaurants, such as Barrio Italia. After that, take a stroll around Plaza de Armas to view the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art to see ancient relics.

And as the sun goes down, go to a cocktail bar or one of the city’s numerous nightclubs to have a pisco sour or two. While you won’t be able to see all that Santiago has to offer in terms of art, culture, and food in just one trip, you won’t have to put in much effort to enjoy the highlights, which include hip shops, wonderful cuisine, and mouthwatering wines made by Chileans.

San Francisco

San Francisco

As an eclectic mix of diverse neighborhoods and scenic vistas, San Francisco appeals to people with an adventurous spirit and a penchant for avant-garde art, gastronomy, and culture. It’s understandable that Tony Bennett chose to make his home here: As a tourist, you’ll have no shortage of things to see and do in the city, which boasts world-class cuisine, cozy cafes, and vibrant nightlife. If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, take a stroll along the Marina or soak up some sun on the bay. Take a cable car ride or a boat excursion under the Golden Gate Bridge for a really authentic San Franciscan experience.

Small-town charm meets big-city energy in San Francisco, sometimes referred to as the “more sophisticated northern cousin” of its southern counterpart. In San Francisco’s many diverse neighborhoods, you’ll find a kaleidoscope of cultural influences. Take in the stunning views of Alcatraz from Fisherman’s Wharf before going to the Presidio to get a peek at the Golden Gate Bridge. The Mission District, the Haight, and the Castro are all great places to get a taste of the city’s diverse culture. When you’re ready for a day trip away from the city, take a relaxing wine tour in San Francisco.


Downtown Flagstaff

It’s easy to dismiss Flagstaff as a rest stop on the way to the Grand Canyon, compared to Phoenix and Sedona’s tourist-friendly atmosphere. There’s no need to throw it out of the window so quickly, however. There is a laid-back, outdoorsy appeal to this community of around 77,000 people, nestled in a pine forest surrounded by the San Francisco Peaks. Infusing Flagstaff with life are the locals who ride bikes, ski, hike, and enjoy a craft beer or two, as well as the students at Northern Arizona University, which is only a few miles away.

For a laid-back vacation 7,000 feet above sea level, complete with outdoor adventures, local eats, and a bunch of special natural attractions, Flagstaff should be your destination, not just a stop on the way. Walnut Canyon National Monument is a must-see.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, South Africa

There are few places in Africa where you can get as close to wild creatures as the approximately 5 million-acre Kruger National Park, which is located about 260 miles northeast of Johannesburg. As well as Nile crocodile, hippos, and rare birds like southern ground-hornbills, the area is home to the “Big Five,” which include buffalos and elephants, leopards, lions, and rhinoceroses. More than simply animals live in this vast nature refuge.

Kruger National Park is unquestionably the best place to get up and personalize with wildlife. Game drives and bush walks are excellent ways to make the best of your time. There are a number of excellent spots for seeing lions, hippos, and birds in the Kruger National Park, including the Hippo Pool and the Red Rocks. Alternatively, spend a few days camping and hiking well-known routes like Wolhuter and Olifants.



Today, Chicago is as diversified as ever, with a flourishing cultural scene, several retail areas, and a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. First-time visitors to Chicago are likely to spend at least a few days staring up at the sky. Chicago’s skyscrapers and public art are a must-see: Get on board a Chicago Architecture River Cruise and you’ll find yourself staring upwards a lot throughout your visit.

Visit the Skydeck Chicago at the Willis Tower or the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck at the John Hancock Center for a bird’s eye view of the city. As soon as you’ve had your fill of the city’s museums and sporting events, dive right into its deep-dish pizza, which takes the wonderful to a whole new level. Consider taking one of the top Chicago tours if you’re having trouble navigating the city on your own.



Antigua is home to historical landmarks, delectable food, and a buzzing cultural environment. But the island’s 365 beaches are the most popular lure for visitors from across the world. Is it fun for you to have a bash in the sand? Are you seeking a place where your children may safely play in the water? Is that something you’d want to do in the future? One beach for every day of the year awaits you in the Leeward Islands.

Avoid the crowds on Barbuda, Antigua’s tranquil sister island, and focus instead on Antigua’s must-see attractions. Antigua’s attractions, including Shirley Heights’ panoramic vista and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine’s intriguing history, go mostly unnoticed by the sunbathers camped out on the coastlines. You’ll have fewer people to contend with on your explorations of the island’s hidden beauty, which will only enhance your tourist experiences.


Huatulco Beach

Huatulco is a great place to visit in September if you don’t like a little rain and heat. Although Huatulco is in the midst of its rainy season, you can still enjoy the city’s nine bays and 36 beaches between rains this month, which averages daytime temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. Huatulco’s lowland rainforest is especially lush in September thanks to the rain, making it an ideal location for hiking at Huatulco National Park and the Hagia Sofia Eco Adventure Park, which are both located nearby.

The Berkshires

Colorful Azaleas in Spring in Windsor Park, Berkshire, UK

The Berkshires, with their winding roads, picturesque mountaintops, expansive farms, and strewn-about herds of cattle, is the ideal setting for a fun-filled getaway. Western Massachusetts’ rural area, is a popular getaway for city people looking for a quiet respite. For those who like hiking, skiing, climbing, or zip line in the mountains, the journey is worthwhile all year round. Moreover, the region’s many lakes provide a wealth of options for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. There are also a variety of cultural events and institutions in the Berkshires to please even the most discerning culture vulture.

One of the Berkshires’ charming villages, with its abundance of antique storefronts and vintage coffee shops, is a great place to get lost for a while. Those who are interested in farm-to-table dining may find plenty of options in the area, as well as orchards and farms where you can select your own fruit during the berry and apple harvesting seasons. Everyone that comes here will have a great day at the beach while taking in the breathtaking scenery.