Is Pasadena worth visiting?

Are you wondering whether Pasadena is worth visiting? It’s possible that Pasadena isn’t the first place in California that comes to mind when you think of visiting the Golden State, but if you’re going to the Rose Bowl, you should definitely stop by this city.

Visitors immediately understand why it is referred to as the Crown of the Valley by experiencing a blend of the region’s rich history, culture, and enjoyable activities. We have compiled a list of the attractions and eateries that can be found in and around the Pasadena region in an effort to persuade you to make a reservation at one of the area’s luxurious hotels.

Historical district 

Old Pasadena, California

Old Pasadena has a historical district that spans 22 blocks, but it is so much more than that. This neighborhood has the allure of having been Pasadena’s first commercial hub, but it also successfully incorporates elements of the modern day, making it not just a classic but also a lively destination to visit.

With all of the places to buy, eat, and be entertained that are located on each street, you will never run out of things to do. Bring your camera with you and make sure you have comfortable shoes to stroll in so you can enjoy your time seeing Old Pasadena.

Be aware that before you visit Old Pasadena, you should check the website to see what kinds of discounts and deals are currently being offered by the shopping center’s retailers and eateries.

Visit the Norton Simon Museum at 411 West Colorado Boulevard to see some great works of art.

The Norton Simon Museum hasn’t always been as impressive as it is now, but owing to Norton Simon, it now houses both his personal collection of art from Europe and Asia as well as the European and American art that was already there previously. Throughout the course of the year, the museum’s galleries and Sculpture Garden put on show something in the neighborhood of one thousand of the 12,000 pieces that are part of the permanent collection.

There are also two exhibition rooms, both of which are located inside the museum, and both of which are used to show additional items in conjunction with certain exhibits. Six to ten free public events are presented each month at the Norton Simon Museum, and private visits may be arranged at any time.

Visits to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are highly recommended for anybody who has an interest in science, technology, or the cosmos. This NASA field site is the main center for the robotic study of our solar system. If you visit this facility, your mind will likely be blown away by the wealth of interesting information that is available there.

However, seeing this facility does not include just turning up whenever you choose and strolling around it at your own leisure. Visitor Day Tours are available for groups of ten individuals or less and typically take place once a week on either Monday or Wednesday and run for a total of two hours. Although the tour and parking are both free, you need to submit an online roster of everyone who will be visiting at least three weeks in advance. In the event that a person’s name is missing from the list, they will not be permitted to enter with the rest of your party.

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Good Restaurants

good restaurants

Mi Piace

25 E. Colorado Blvd.

Mi Piace is widely regarded as one of the finest and most popular dining establishments in all of Old Pasadena. This restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and is open every day of the week. In addition to serving breakfast, lunch, supper, and a menu for the wee hours of the night, they also have a happy hour in their lounge. Both visitors and locals can’t get enough of Mi Piace because of the restaurant’s extensive culinary menu as well as its lively and contemporary interior design.

On Mondays, happy hour is offered throughout the night, however, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there is no late-night menu. This is helpful information to have.

Parkway Grill 510 S. Arroyo Parkway

The Parkway Grill is the sort of eatery that appeals to you since it serves delectable cuisine that is prepared with fresh ingredients. They wanted to demonstrate to their guests exactly how devoted they are to provide them with fresh goods, so they created their very own herb and organic vegetable garden behind the restaurant. The methods of cooking are reminiscent of traditional French traditions, but they also combine a wide range of other influences. Both the grill that is fueled by mesquite and the oven that is fueled by oakwood in the kitchen are capable of preparing meals to an excellent standard.

Important information: lunch is only provided Monday through Friday, however, dinner is available every night of the week. Between lunch and supper, there is service available at the bar.

Pie ‘N Burger can be found at 913 California Boulevard East.

Everyone is aware that there are not too many things that are better than a nice burger, but if you throw in a piece of pie, then you’ve won the gastronomic jackpot. Pie ‘N Burger has been taking care of clients since 1963, and since they have remained in the same building and continue to use the same recipes since the restaurant first opened, you can be certain that this establishment is a genuine thing. Pie ‘N Burger is open around the clock, so whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—or even simply pie—they’ll be able to satisfy your cravings.

Important information: Although they sell normal pies, fresh fruit pies, and pies made with meringue, some of their pies are only available at certain times of the year. In the event that pie is not your thing, they also have cake available.

Pasadena is a city that not as many people visit as some of California’s other larger cities, but it is a place that deserves greater attention from tourists and should be on its itinerary. It is a delightful city that is full of excellent meals to eat and fantastic activities to do; if you are interested in playing golf while you are in town, you should read about Pasadena’s stunning golf greens. When the opportunity presents itself, you shouldn’t let it pass without going to Pasadena if you can help it.

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Because it lies farther away from the moderating impacts of the Pacific Ocean, Pasadena has warmer summers and colder winters than Los Angeles does. Despite this, Pasadena is a pleasant area to live. Temperatures in Pasadena may soar far beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit from June through September, but throughout the autumn and winter months, it is unusual for the temperature to dip below 45 degrees. In point of fact, the weather is much more agreeable here than it is in the majority of the remainder of the United States.

However, there is a huge upside to living farther away from the Pacific Ocean, and that is the reduced likelihood of experiencing excessive humidity, which helps soften the blow of both the hottest and lowest temperatures. Temperatures in both the hot and cold extremes don’t seem to have as severe an impact here as they do in other places like New York.

The absence of clouds is so typical that when one does occur, it causes such a commotion that news stories are written about it, and traffic is backed up for miles. The yearly rainfall totals around 50 centimeters, however, it only lasts for 43 days. When it does rain, there is a significant amount of precipitation. There isn’t any mist or fog that hangs around all day as you may experience in the Bay Area or the Pacific Northwest. From May through October, there is very little precipitation on average.

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