9 Best Hikes in orange county with dog

Here is a list of the 9 best hokes in orange county with dogs. It is common knowledge that a man’s best buddy is his dog. Therefore, if you want to go on a trek, there is no chance you can abandon your pal in the back of the pack! Therefore, if you are searching for Orange County hikes that are friendly to dogs, we have you covered. You have arrived at the very greatest site imaginable since we possess the one item that you are looking for.

We have compiled and provided a list of some of the most recommended alternatives for dog-friendly trails in Orange County. Every kind of hiker will find something to their liking here, from short strolls on concrete paths to arduous multi-day treks into the wilderness. The most wonderful aspect of these journeys is that your canine companion is always invited to come along with you. Therefore, this hiking in Orange County paths that are dog-friendly will work well for you. Go ahead, enjoy a fast read!

List of Hikes in orange county with dog

You and your four-legged friend will love exploring the amazing trails that can be found all around Orange County. In Orange County, there is a wide variety of terrain that is suitable for long walks with dogs, including mountains, beaches, and a lot more. This region is home to some of the most breathtaking dog-friendly hiking routes in the country, in addition to having dog beaches in Orange County.

The following is a list of some of the most highly recommended hiking destinations in Orange County that are also dog-friendly:

  • San Clemente Beach Trail
  • Chiquito Falls
  • Salt Creek Trail
  • Small Peak in Robinson Ranch
  • Las Ramblas Trail
  • Sitton Peak Trail
  • Ridgeline Trail
  • Aliso Summit Trail
  • Colinas Bluff Trail

San Clemente Beach Trail

San Clemente

The San Clemente Beach Trail is without a doubt one of the greatest treks in Orange County that is suitable for dogs. Along its entire length, this beachfront path follows one of the most breathtaking shorelines in Southern California. This would be a good option to go with if you are seeking dog-friendly hiking trails close to Orange County, California, that is also conveniently located near the town itself and its many facilities.

At the San Clemente Metrolink station, at the terminus of a route that is restricted to foot traffic only, the trailhead may be found just behind the train tracks. The locals and tourists alike refer to it as North Beach. You may park in any of the adjacent parking lots that are located close to the San Clemente Pier.

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Chiquito Falls

IMG_0427 15

One of the most enjoyable trails in Orange County to take your dog on is the Chiquito Falls Trail. The springtime is often when one may get the most out of their visit to this location. The trek has a lot of open areas, so if you find any shade along the way, count yourself fortunate. Rest for a bit and make the most of this opportunity while you still have it.

At the easternmost edge of the Blue Jay Campground is where the higher trailhead starts. Off of the San Juan, Loop Trail is where you’ll find the trailhead for the lower trail. You are welcome to park in the parking lot that is located on Ortega Highway and beside the Candy Store.

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Salt Creek Trail

Salt Creek above the falls in the Willamette National Forest

The Salt Creek Trail System includes both paved and unpaved pathways, and these trails run next to the Des Plaines River, as well as Salt Creek, and Brookfield Zoo. If you have a dog of a smaller breed and want to go trekking together, this can be a good option for you. You will be able to take in the picturesque vistas of Salt Creek, which include its gravelly moraine, glacial valley, and one-of-a-kind pool and riffle ecosystem.

Because it is paved, it is an excellent option for hiking on wet days; nevertheless, you should bring an umbrella for your dog with you. At Salt Creek Beach Park in Dana Point, the trailhead is located on a hill that provides stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Small Peak in Robinson Ranch

Small Peak is the place to go in Orange County if you are seeking trails that are accessible throughout the year, welcome dogs, and are located in the county. Even while it is not a very lengthy trek, it will be an extremely challenging and taxing exercise.

The terrain is steep, and the gravel may often make it difficult to keep your footing. In circumstances like these, you should give some thought to taking your dog’s stroller along on your hike. On this path, you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking panoramas that South Orange County has to offer in its entirety.

The beginning of the route might be difficult to find. It starts at Robinson Ranch Road, which ultimately leads to Bell View Trail, which would eventually lead to Los Pinos Peak. Finally, it would lead to Los Pinos Peak. You are welcome to park your vehicle in the little parking space that is located close to Robinson Ranch Road.

Las Ramblas Trail

People who want their outdoor activities to be less crowded may enjoy hiking along the Las Ramblas Trail. This is due to the fact that there are often fewer people present in the early morning hours at this location. A further attractive feature of this walk is the sweeping mountain vistas that are complemented with views of the ocean. However, use caution as you traverse the many steep slopes.

Camino Las Ramblas in San Juan Capistrano is where you’ll find the trailhead for this hike. You are able to park in the vicinity of the San Juan Capistrano neighborhood

Sitton Peak Trail

Sitton Peak Trail Overlook

The Sitton Peak Trail in Orange County is one of the top dog-friendly trails. Enjoy the panoramic views of San Diego County, Catalina Island, the Santa Ana Mountains, and the counties of Orange and Los Angeles. There are a few trails splits that aren’t well indicated. As a result, having a road map on hand will be beneficial.

Despite the moderate difficulty, there are a few flat stretches to let you recover from the exertion of this dog walking in Orange County. Compared to the Saddleback Mountain trek, this one is far more manageable and offers views that are somewhat equivalent.

San Juan Loop serves as a jumping-off point for hikers. There is also a large parking lot there. Check out our list of the best dog hiking boots if you don’t already have some.

Ridgeline Trail

Ridgeline Trail From Willamette Trailhead in Eugene, Oregon

Ridgeline Trail is a fantastic option if you want to avoid mud on your Orange County rainy day dog-friendly hiking routes. It’s a fascinating ride because of the slow ascent interspersed with a really steep slope. Dog owners love it because of the beautiful scenery and well-maintained trail.

San Clemente’s Camino del Rio serves as the trail’s starting point. The cul-de-sac at the end of Calle Cordillera is a good place to park.

Aliso Summit Trail


When looking for some of the greatest dog-friendly hiking trails in Orange County, Aliso Summit Trail is a great place to start. You’ll also be able to witness a wide range of creatures on your tour to the natural world. As a result, it has become a favorite among dog owners in Orange County. You get to see the Pacific Ocean at the conclusion of this route, which is a major perk.

There is an Alicia Parkway exit from which the trailhead starts. To get started on the path, you may park in either Aliso or Wood Canyons.

Colinas Bluff Trail

There are few better places to go dog-friendly hiking in Orange County than this modest suburban stroll up to ridgetop vistas. From Santiago Peak, you can see Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean in all their glory. Consider carrying hiking boots for yourself, and a dog carrier bag if the weather changes. The following items are a must-have if you plan on taking your dog hiking on a regular basis.

Across the street from Marina Hills Shopping Center, you’ll find the trailhead. Laguna Niguel’s Marina Hills Drive and Golden Lantern intersection is where you’ll find this. It’s possible to park within the retail mall.